Lopez Island House on the Lopez Center for Community & the Arts Annual Home Tour

The Lopez Island House will be featured on the 11th annual home tour, hosted by the Lopez Island Center for Community & the Arts.

Lopez Home Tour

The original design and permitting happened while I was a Project Manager at D+A Studio. AKH finished the permitting process, construction administration, and worked closely with the clients on the interior design and with the contractor, KDL Builders.

It was so great working with the clients on this house, and I’m so excited that it will be on this home tour!

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More photos here.




ADU 101

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become more popular and acceptable in the past few years. The City of Seattle began allowing for ADUs in all residential zones (it had previously been only some south Seattle neighborhoods) in 2009. San Juan County allows for a limited number of permits for ADUs each year. The number of ADUs proposed each year has not necessitated use of the lottery system for permits, which was conceived before the recession.

Lopez Island House, garage with attached Accessory Dwelling Unit, Lopez Island, WA
(Original design: D+A Studio) See more of my ADUs.

An ADU can be attached, as in a basement apartment, or detached, as in a backyard cottage, carriage house, or alley flat. The implementation of ADUs can fulfill many goals of sustainable development, including [not so scary] density, affordable housing, and smaller house sizes. As our urban fabric is “re-knit”, neighborhoods can become more dense, creating more demand for services, therefore creating more opportunities for walkable neighborhoods and less dependence on a car.
The concept of ADUs resonates with many things happening in housing currently: attractive central cities with high barriers to entry for home ownership, long commutes, lack of diversity in housing typologies, social isolation. Slowly adding a few ADUs in established neighborhoods can add density without inherently changing the character of that neighborhood.
Truly sustainable development also includes social goals, many of which are also met by integrating ADUs: a way for homeowners to have a separate income stream, a mix of income and ages; the ability to stay in one neighborhood through varying phases of life, therefore creating lasting community: kids can live in a backyard cottage as they start on their career path, elderly parents or relatives can live in smaller spaces that require less upkeep and be close to their children and grandchildren. Extended families can live close together. Friends can create a casual co-op. An ADU can be a “tiny house.”
The term “mixed income” may be worrisome to some, but from a social standpoint, renting out an ADU can more successful than an absentee landlord renting a house, in that owners are close to the rental unit, tenants are close to their landlord, so each keeps an eye on each other. The Kentlands Development in Maryland (designed by New Urbanism pioneers DPZ)  is a neighborhood that has successfully integrated market rate, large suburban housing with backyard rental units. An oft-cited example is of a woman who lived in her ADU and rented out her large house in order to save money and pay off her mortgage.


At D+A Studio, we developed a full catalog of stock plans perfect for ADUs, backyard cottages, guest houses, vacation retreats or just simple living. Since the website for this catalog is no longer online, please contact me for more information.

Next week: A closer look at ADU rules for the City of Seattle.

An update to my original post ADU 101

Project Updates-Custom Homes Under Construction

AKH is providing construction administration for custom home projects on Lopez, San Juan and Stuart Islands.

Craftsman backsplash four seasons tile
Finishing touches on the Lopez Island House: Custom back splash with four seasons tiles.

Lopez Island House: Rustic craftsman-tight knot cedar siding, corrugated Corten (weathering) steel siding (Original design by D+A Studio)

Lopez Island House: View of Fisherman’s Bay from the roof deck

Rocky Coast Modern Living View
Rocky Coast Modern Bedroom View
Nice views: Framing is almost complete on the Rocky Coast Retreat on San Juan Island.

The contractor, KDL Builders, is taking the time to present siding and soffit options to the owners, allowing them to compare different sizes of tight knot cedar vs clear cedar with various stains.

Wood siding options


Lopez Island House Progress

Lopez House Corten siding

The Lopez Island House is coming along. KDL Builders is finishing up siding with cedar and corrugated Corten steel panels, which look great with the aluminum Kolbe windows.

Earlier this winter, engineer Mike Annee took a photo of the framed house from the air.

Lopez Island House from the air

Lopez Island House Under Construction


Rendering by Reflection Renderings.   Original design by D+A Studio.

AKH is completing construction documents and providing construction administration for a custom home on Lopez Island.  KDL Builders is currently framing the house, which has a beautiful view of Fisherman’s Bay.