Adaptable//Sustainable: DIY Home Adaptation

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I’ll be exploring many concepts under the Adaptable//Sustainable banner, and it’s still forming. Basically, it’s about equipping bottom up, accessible, incremental change towards a more sustainable, resilient future.
Starting with four basic concepts:
  1. Artful Infill
  2. Casual Cohousing
  3. DIY Home Adaptation
  4. Grassroots Retrofit

Each one of these will be unwrapped throughout the series. The concept of DIY Home Adaptation will be explored first. As a designer, I look at most life challenges as design problems to be solved. My hope is that these small, accessible steps can help people better utilize the space they have. By making each square foot count, we can live in smaller spaces, saving money, time and energy spent heating, cooling, cleaning, maintaining and furnishing all that space. We can avoid the need to move into a larger or different house for every life change.

I’ve chosen a pretty lofty title for this series to go with the lofty ideals of sustainability. You might be saying, The title includes sustainability, and she’s going to talk about Ikea furniture? Well, it’s hard for people to respond to lofty ideals. People are busy with their everyday lives and need practical, accessible steps. You may not have time to ponder where trash goes when it leaves your house, but you will be diligent about recycling if your municipality has a user-friendly system in place.

There’s so much we can do to create more vibrant, healthier, enjoyable places to live, which will require both top down and grassroots efforts, and different types of projects at many scales. This series is about empowering people to remake their space for the way they really live.